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Prerequisite Software for e-Filing

If your facing any issues in downloading an eform, signing the eform or uploading the eform click
here  to learn to troubleshoot the error.

For e-Filing on MCA21 your Computer must have the following components installed:

Windows 2000 or later

All users using below mentioned services on MCA21 are required to have Windows or later and JRE (Java Runtime Environment) installed on their machine -

• Any user logging on MCA21 using a DSC
• Any existing user registering/updating a DSC
• Any new user registering using a DSC

Internet Explorer v6.0 and above, Mozilla Firefox MCA External Link

Adobe Reader from Version XI or later MCA External Link

JRE (Java Runtime Environment) MCA External LinkMCA New link

Click on the Explorer, Adobe Reader and JRE icons to download these now. MCA External Link

Important Note : Kindly ensure that

• The pop-ups are enabled in your machine so that any message generated by the application gets displayed.
• Adobe Reader is installed so that the content available in .pdf format is readable.